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Monday, December 18, 2006

I am curious of: the mentality of the masses

You know how nowadays, no matter where you turn to, stupidity abounds? In the Internet, this obviously holds true. Message boards, emails, forums, discussion boards, etc; click on 1 link and you get bombarded by the most vulgar words you can ever find, words children so easily pick up nowadays thanks to the Internet. Sometimes I get really tired, at times extremely annoyed, often I get very irritated and angry so much so I might be tempted to or actually retaliate. Guess what? From there, the war of words never ends. It’s what we Internet savvy people call a “flame war”.

Trolls are everywhere, lurking around the Internet looking for things and people they can insult. This is worse in Malaysian based websites, message boards, or forums, etc. It stems from the rampant and inherent nature of “ah-bengness” within many Malaysians. I don’t even want to begin to comprehend why so many people prefer to use violent and uncivilized ways to express their points and opinions as I’m no saint my self, in which case if I do I’d probably fry my brain due to the stress.

You see people complaining, whining, insulting, and everyday, almost everywhere on the net. There are those who have better command of language who tend to flaunt their so-called superiority, purposely writing in a way where the common Malaysian ah-beng will not be able to understand, and then stand back and laugh and insult at their inability to “understand simple English” which are actually extravagant and redundant usage of words that very few can understand.

But fact is, there are simpler ways to communicate and communication between human beings has always been based on making things short and simple. However for them it is entertainment to act high and mighty. In my opinion they are nothing but uncivilized barbarians. The higher you think you are, the lower you will be the day you are brought down, that’s what I think.

Ever seen one of these go “you are so stupid it kills my brain cells”? These people are just despicable. Telling others to “go back to kindergarten and relearn your abc” is just insulting. Fact is, they should go back to kindergarten too, to relearn their moral from scratch that is. All this from people who are supposedly “educated”, *snorts* yea right. I’ve said I’m no saint so don’t go around and say I’m no better, I’m in a better position than anyone else to say that.

Admittedly sometimes I say things that are very “sharp”, but I never deliberately set out to say things that out right insult that person if I can help it. There are situations where sometimes there are things that need to be said so that no one will be disillusioned by the reality of it, nor fail to see the mistakes and the idiocy behind their actions. These are things that I will never be afraid to say, regardless of the fact that it might make someone angry. Why should they be angry anyway? I speak but the truth, so if they are angry it simply means that they are angry of the truth. Are they angry of the truth because they cannot accept it as the truth? I suppose so, after all us humans want to hear are only things that are as they say, music to our ears.

Think about it aye?

Ye who constantly thinks too much for his own good ;)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Have you ever wished sometimes that you can shut out your emotions whenever you want? I think that a person's emotions are important in that it shows many things. However sometimes they just seem so troublesome. A Christian will tell you things like emotions are there because its God's way of testing your resolve and how you handle your emotions/situations/etc, what do you think? Ever wondered why humans have emotion? Such an inconvenient thing, sometimes I truly wish I can be like those people who are cold through and through, never showing an shred of emotion, never betraying the weakness inside that such a thing can expose. Becoming angry, sad, frustrated, or you could just say getting "emo". They show how easily you are troubled by certain things, I really hate that part of myself.