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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Too much potato is a bad idea

The author currently has what he calls too-much-cheesy-wedges syndrome. "Note to self: never eat too many cheesy wedges at one go or a single day for that matter." he mumbled to himself. He had been feeling particularly poor as of late, especially after loaning his dad 2000 bucks. He wanted a new audio headphone, but he probably has to hold it off for awhile now.

Maybe there are generous people out there who will donate him their used AKG K 514, he thinks. Highly unlikely, but it's never wrong to have dreams, even ones as trivial as this. A used audiophile headphone is likely to be better than a brand new one as well, as he wouldn't need to wait for its sound quality to 'mature'. Maybe someone will donate their used bass guitars and amps to him as well! Now that's a bigger dream and even less possible. "Dream on." says a friend, cruelly pouring ice water over the authors enthusiasm.

He sighs, there are so many things that he wants yet can't afford; that has been the story of his life. He has a younger brother who is rebellious instead of a younger sister he can dote on. Nor did he grow up with a dojikko meido serving his every (with exception) needs or a silver spoon in his mouth. "C'est la vie!" say the French. The author will just go with, "life sucks that way."


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