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Thursday, September 28, 2006


Should we "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"? Or "return what is shown unto you in kind?" It's a shame that my first post on this blog will be a rant.

Think of it, do you show respect show that others will respect you? Or do you show your respect only when someone is deserving of your respect and has respected you in kind?

If you ask me I would say I fall under the latter category. Here's why I'm sitting right here in front of my PC screen posting this while my lunch sits untouch. As usual for me, my mum buys my lunch and calls me out to go pick it up from the nearby shops where she is waiting. Now granted she should rightfully be annoyed with any form of tardiness. But I ABSOLUTELY do not see why I should be given a tongue lashing when it wasn't my fault I was slightly late! Instead of asking the reason of why I'm late I get an earful before I can explain and the door slammed in my face.

To comply with the theme of my blog, I'm gonna post question for you to debate on. Now there's a parent who never deems to give her son any sort of respite even when things were'nt his fault. Calling home only later to give more nagging and when the son retorts in frustration to explain the situation, starts spouting crap about how the son should not talk to the mother like that. What injustice! So all I can do is endure an unfair lecture and beat at the still air in frustration for something I was not at fault with? So the parent demands respect from their child without showing an ounce of respect in return?

How is that fair? Or it should not be fair? That the parent has every right to demand respect from their child and is not obligated to return in kind? To never apologize for their mistakes but demand apology when the child is not at fault? To see themselves as always right and the child always wrong? Always only whining and saying how much they have done for the child but never see what the child has to go through physically, mentally, and emotionally?

If you agree that the parent is "always right" then fine. If you can grind your teeth and endure such injustice I salute you. If you perhaps know how it feels to be constantly berated and lectured even when you have not done wrong, used as an outlet to vent frustrations, having to howl in frustration yourself for the injustice you have to face within the confines of your own home, then I say to you "Welcome to the club".

Traditional Chinese parents just don't believe in mutual respect so damn it if I should respect them. I deserve to be shown the respect I'm due. Not treated like some idiot child with down syndrome that can never do anything right.