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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sleep, oh blissful sleep

It's ironic how nowadays we have the term "catch up to my sleeping" or something similar. Has sleep become so scarce that it no longer comes to us naturally but runs away so that we have to actually 'catch up' to it? The answer is kinda obvious though: many of us spurn sleep for the sake of having just those few hours of extra time to do the various things we want or need to do.

The situation is not ideal for many, to say the least. When one should be deep in sleep to recuperate from a rough and hectic day at work, we are instead up and about doing our own things that we couldn't do because most of our time is occupied with being at work or in the office. Fact is, many of us also realize how unhealthy such sleeping habits are but we persist and thus we often fall sick. Yes, not getting enough rest and sleep can cause you to be sick. Headaches and migraines are common when one lacks sleep, and at times even fevers; I'll personally testify to that.

Way into 1am in the morning, I'll be doing anything but sleeping and that is really bad sometimes since I get headaches so often (it's gotten better nowadays). Can I stop doing that? Not really. I've got so many things I wanna do and the only way I'll be able to is sleep late. Am I gonna do anything about it? Nah...I'll probably stick to "catching up with my sleep" on weekends.


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