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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Back from exile

Yo readers! I'm back from my non self-imposed exile. In other words I was a victim of circumstances. :( Anyway I was gone for almost 2 weeks due to the fact I couldn't get online.

Last week after finally getting my new PC rig, I eagerly put everything together and to my horror I get this stupid message that I kept seeing for the past few days as I was finding ways to fix it which is "A disk read error has occurred". I was like WTH? Kept trying for 1 whole hour and I gave up, something was definitely up and I didn't know what exactly.

My first suspicion was that something was wrong with my HDD. So I ask around, I had friends who tell me its bad sectors and such so I was told to get a HDD repair/maintainence/backup software called SPINRITE. Apparently its a software that has gotten rave reviews, so I got it and gave it a try. The scan took almost 1 whole day, and it didn't show anything wrong with my HDD. Now I'm scratching my head going, "wth? What else could it be?" So I decided to go down to Lowyat to get them to check my new rig. Could be RAM problem, so I thought why not send it back to the service center of the company I bought my PC from.

Went down with Ge Mun and Hui Miang yesterday, they were going there to get their own new PC while I was going there to get help, serious help. Anyway I sent it in, had to wait an hour for the result and the guy told me to try formatting the partition where I installed windows and try reinstalling it. Here I went "now why the hell didn't I think of that?"

That was that, we spend the day shopping around for prices so that my friend could get a decent rig with his RM2.1k budget. I'd be very honest with people out there who are thinking of getting a new PC. If you are planning to get something good that will last you quite some time, be prepared to part sum with at least around RM2.7-RM3k. Any less and you'll just won't be getting something all that great. But if you don't really need something all that great then its alright. Even RM1.5k will do.

We left around 5:30pm and got back to my friend's house around 6pm. Fixed everything up for him which took quite awhile. Btw his bro is some psycho gaming addict, he throws a temper like a kidand start acting like a jerk if his family tries to stop him from gaming and get this, this dude finished his STPM which makes him at least 19 years old. sigh....I'd lay the smack on him if I were my friend. My friend bought a new router and now he can't even use it to get online. Cuz the phone line is in his bro's room and his psycho bro pulled the plug on him cuz he doesn't want to share the internet connection. What kind of sicko is that? The really sick kind I guess.

Went home late around 8:30 and I had to take my dinner and bath before I could work on my HDD. To cut a long story short, I did some data backup, formatted the partition, reinstalled windows XP, and voila its working! I'm back people, and I'll be sticking around if you don't mind. Lalalalalala........

Anyway here are some pictures of my new rig. AND STOP SAYING I LANCI. OMGWTHBBQ $&!@#(*^@#!@*# GRRR.........Cooler Master Elite 330 with 380 watt PSU. Whoa I'm lEEt! LoLItaro? Elite ah! (kk before the gang says I lanci again)
Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo a.k.a Pentium Conroe Chipset. Ok la a bit blurrish, blamLG 17" LCD monitor.
USB keyboard.
Fan in the middle is where processor is. Card below it is Nvidia Geforce 7300GT from Palit, support DDR3, OC version. HDD on the right, using IDE to SATA converter. RAM Kingston 1GB 667 in between the processor fan and the wires yellow IDE cable connecting to DVD burner on the top right. That's about it, decent rig no? :) Now all I need is a new speaker...and I might need a 2nd HDD soon too. Oh well, all in good time I suppose. Till then, tudeloos~

Monday, January 08, 2007

Belated update

Hmm... I was suppose to blog on the trip to Pangkor during the last week of last year, to be precise during 25th till 27th of December, but try as I might I really can't find anything that I can really write about the trip. Not to say that the trip was boring or anything, it was just that it was nothing special. Fact is I spent most of the time reading than doing anything else. Well there were occasional walks around the area and whatnot but thats about it.

I suppose the only thing I appreciate about the trip is being able to get away from KL and its bustling sense of always-busy place. It's not that Pangkor isn't a busy place though, I don't think there actually is a place in the world where the inhabitants are perpetually idle, but thats besides the point.

Rather I would say that for a city person like me, being there gave me a sense of peace and quiet, something I found sorely lacking in my life for the past year. To just sit near the resort's restaurant as the sun sets, watching the horn bills eating papaya. :) To not have to bother about waking up the next day worrying what to do because I could just do nothing (of course my parents objected to my lack of activity, but hey its my way of spending my little vacation). To read about the adventures of a drow rejecting the evil of his own race, to just be able to rest and do nothing. Ahh I guess I'm a real bum at heart, but its okay if you want to think so cuz it doesn't really bother me anyway.

Well since I didn't really do much on the trip, thats about all I want to say. I think a trip is not about relating so much about what really happened, but its the experience that truly matters. And the experience of feeling absolutely free of all obligations for the first time in months, is truly and invigorating experience. Other than that I guess all I can offer to this update are some pictures from the trip. Mine you its nothing extravagant nor are there any pictures of myself.

Thats the entrance to Seafield Resort, where I stayed for the duration of the trip.
See that? Thats a hornbill! Never seen one in my whole life, till then that is.
Another one seen eating papaya here, the yellowish stuff are actually bread pieces not pop corn.

Well thats about it. Yea very little pics, so bite me >:D