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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Anime recommendation: Claymore

I put this here to force myself to save my blog. =P Anyway Claymore is based on the manga with the same name. The story is written by Norihiro Yagi, and Claymore has been running since 2001.

Not for the faint of heart, Claymore is pretty gory at times and quite unusually more so in the anime than the manga, at certain scenes, though the anime cuts the fight scenes a little short of how the manga did it.

Basically Claymore is a story of half humans that have the power to kill demons called Yoma who have preyed on humanity since time immemorial. The story follows closely the adventures of Clare, the protoganist, in her quest for revenge.

6th June:
Sheesh what with exams coming up and my practically not really paying that much attention to my blog nowadays really delayed this write up. Anyway, I was rewatching the first episode of Claymore to see what screen cap I could use for this write up. Well I think that I'll be better off just using a video link from youtube. So anyway, this Claymore OP would better show what this anime is all about. Monster, gore, and weird looking girls. *gasp*

Guess its not really something most people would like to watch. The gore is there cuz its probably on a non-primetime slot in Jap TV, thus making if possible for the producers to make it gory? Well its the nature of the story anyway, taking away the gore would just be weird. Anyway not gonna go into detail about the viewing time and all, gotta know a bit of the Japanese anime scene to understand that bit. Watch the youtube clip on the opening, the quality ain't that good but then again since when does youtube actually have really HQ videos? There are pretty decent ones but meh..If you like the song in the OP you could search for "claymore op" in youtube. I'm still waiting for a full version of that song myself.

Not gonna procrastinate studying anymore, I'm out!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Konnichiwa minnasan!

No I'm not dead yet and this blog isn't about to be either. But seriously this seems more like a journal where I update once in a blue moon rather than a blog that is supposed to be more of an online diary.

In any case, I might do some updates soon after things get less hectic around. Updated some links, which comes with my brand new anime list in one of them. Now I wonder, if I had started watching anime a lot early would the list have been super long? I guess I'd never know. Oh well thats all for now.