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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Picking myself up once more

It's been awhile. Honestly I only continue to update my blog because I like ranting. Call me a whiner if you want, but I'm never satisfied with life. People are used to me saying time flies but for the past month and more I've been feeling the opposite. Unpleasant things have happened this month and at times I ask myself if I'm suffering from mild depression. Doesn't seem the case if I can laugh like usual, except sometimes it feels like it's forced. *shrugs*

Early this month, with Valentine's day closing in fast, I decided to make my move; to confess to the girl I like. And as expected I got turned down. It was really painful, also as expected. It was also hurtful, because I'm apparently like a younger brother to her. Here's the thing, she never treated me in that way so it became obvious that it was merely an excuse to break it nicely. Unfortunately for someone like me it made things worse. I dunno if she reads my blog but if you do I want to say that even though you said it that way I don't blame you. However, don't expect my feelings to change so easily. I promise not to bug you or anything, but forgetting isn't so easy for me.

I want to keep going on, I really do. But it takes two to tango, and if the girl refuses your dance request you can only accept. But is that me? No. I'm known for my stubborness and to hold on to things for very long. So what now? Well, there's nothing left but to lament my unrequited feelings...

Note: Yes I don't know what I'm writing. I never proofread my blog posts and I never think them through.