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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Lately I've realized, the corporate bullying isn't going to stop. As long as you are at the bottom, as long as you are the 'grunt', you will always be on the end of the bullying of the people on top. Some don't mean it or are just plain teasing, but it doesn't change the fact that I feel mistreated. Some are pure faggots, and do it just because they can.

Over the past few months I've taken enough of it. I'm doing so much but rewarded so little. Updating contents alone is not easy; I need materials and time of which I lack. Updating website takes time, and the shitty internet doesn't help. Trying to think of new things to write every month isn't easy, I burn more brain juice than the slugs I know are willing to burn. And I have to do other people's work as well?!

I like my job, really I do. But I really can't stand some of the people in my office. But what can I do? I'm only the noob, the newbie, the grunt. I can only grit my teeth and continue to endure. It's a race against time, me getting an emotional breakdown first or the causes of my grievances made to leave.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Enough or not enough, that is the question

And the answer is no. With the amount of things that I want, my salary is definitely not enough. The petrol hike is definitely not something to laugh or sneezed at. If anything else I think the whole world is laughing at our country; an oil-producing company that is overcharging their citizens for oil.

Days after the petrol hike, newspapers quoted ministers claiming that they will move the petrol subsidies (since they no longer have to) to other areas like rice. And I quote the wise man somewhere who said this, "the cake is a lie." To appease the raging citizens threatening to hold rallies and strikes across the capital, some idiot who thought he's a genius went "hey, why don't we give them all RM625 worth of rebate? Not only will this appease them, it'll also give us the perfect excuse not to shift our subsidies to other areas! Since we won't have any left anyway." Rice subsidies? The world would sooner collapse from armageddon before the government of the Bolehs ever subsidize in anything else anymore.

Forget petrol let's talk about the rice prices then. About two weeks ago my mum told me that the prices have doubled. Yes, doubled! RM18 to RM36 per kilo was what she told me. So here's the thing, start settling for cheaper rice or we'll all be eating tree barks before long. As a direct result of the oil hike, everything else goes up. Cooking oil, rice, and more. Even meals outside have gone up significantly. Either that or the portions are getting smaller. What's the only thing that never went up? Salary! Mind you even though I had my pay increase due to my confirmation, I was silently hoping for a slightly higher increase than promised thanks to prices going up everywhere.

Seriously with the amount I'm earning, I'll have to live a boring and uninteresting life because I have to be stingy and frugal. Heck just get unlucky for a bit, pay a summon and there goes one significant chunk of your salary. And when I say significant chunk I MEAN SIGNIFICANT.

Bah all I can do is rant and rave in impotent fury. I can't even buy stuff without worrying whether I'll have enough just to eat or pump petrol for my car towards the end of the month. Years ago I said this country is ridiculous, now I seriously wish I can strike some big huge lottery and boot out of this country to look for greener pastures; pastures here are fast dying, and I don't see how any of our so-called 'leaders' have what it takes to even bring this country on par with our closest neighbour to the south.