Ever Present Curiosity

I like to stone.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The author was staring at the ceiling in his office. He had been staring at it for a full minute. To some he looked pensive and to others, deep in thought; in reality he had been spacing out. The author was not feeling well again, as he is prone to getting minor illnesses.

Today he was feeling sluggish mentally. He came into the office feeling cold. The air-conditioner was fixed just the day prior but now ironically he doesn't need it. He has his jacket on and the air-conditioner is off but he still feels cold; maybe he's sick.

His thoughts wandered listlessly again as he recalled the successful use of a Garmin GPS device the other day. He had to go somewhere and had even left early to give himself a margin of time in case he got lost; turned out that wasn't necessary as he got there TOO early and had to wait for an hour for the event to start.

He thought hard again, trying to recall anything that's significant enough to pop into his mind. He thought of how he now has a bit of interest in playing a musical instrument, perhaps the bass guitar. However, he was advised to try something 'easier' to which he wondered: "Just what is easy nowadays anyway?"

He thought of that somewhat airheaded girl he had the misfortune of falling far. The misfortune was that it was another thing that was "not meant to be", as his friends would say. He had gotten over her, at least mostly; but still he continued to harbor feelings for her, though he realize it'll never be.

He thought of his career and his job, the novelty and freshness of it long gone. Buried and dusted by the pressures of unwanted workload and unpleasant feelings of being unappreciated. But toil he must, for what other choice does he have currently? He wanted to open a shop he thought; a shop that deals in something he loves very much but...money is a big issue.

He thought of many things again, as he always does. Sometimes it's that cute response from a certain brunette, or perhaps the fantasy and mythological things he loves to read and research on, or at times even the philosophies of life.

Heck, he thinks too much.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The author sat on his office chair, musing in silence as his computer's music player plays sad songs in the background. His mind wandered as he thought of how he is now using Foobar 2000 instead of Winamp, for quite some time now, all thanks to a recommendation from a net friend he has and probably never will meet in real life.

That's how he is, his mind often wanders from one thing to another, and maybe this new way of blogging makes it easier to express even the most mundane and inconsequential matters. He shrugs as he's reminded of the pile of work waiting for him, demanding him to activate the typing/writing version of Unlimited Blade Works and hack his workload down to size, figuratively speaking of course. However, he's been slightly under the weather lately due to the heat so he thought he should take it easy after working hours. Besides, he doesn't bring work home so no point worrying about it.

The author thought about the things that happened lately. Fact is he's really tired now after work and can't really gather his thoughts or consider all that has happened, even if they mostly are small matters. The author stood up intending to leave the office and return home, where he can pick up where he left off from The Last Remnant or perhaps finish off that visual novel he's been reading/watching.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

M woke up blearily as he stared at the ceiling above him. It was Monday and his mum came to wake him up, to which he was surprised since she should have been at work by then.

"Don't you have to go to work already?" she said as he blinked in confusion.

"Wait what time is it?" he groaned as he fumbled for his mobile phone, something he has used as a replacement for a proper watch since his last wrist watch decided to expire on him. It read 10:03 am.

M shot up immediately, realizing he overslept and growled at the mobile phone, which stayed silent and had stayed silent the whole morning. "Damn alarm didn't ring! I must have forgot to set it." He got out of his bed grumpily as he began the task of facing the day every working adult dreads. Work he thought, is such a drag.

Only thing to look forward to that day was the bi-annual promotion at a sushi restaurant franchise. Sure it was the franchise's way of 'getting rid of stock', but when one prefers the cooked/smoked sushi over the raw ones, it really doesn't matter all that much.

Work was as expected, a drag. The dreadful Monday blues as the entirety of the working population worldwide calls it, is a psychological effect that doesn't dissipate despite knowing about it. Regardless, M motivated himself by thinking of how he'll soon be able to sit on his comfy new chair in his computer room while attempting to bring his 'to be completed' games list down by a number.

Day wasn't too bad, at least there's a stack load of games waiting at home.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Up and down

Like an oscillator, life goes up and down. The past few weeks have been hectic and stressful in many ways, especially where work was concerned. The only good thing that has happened to me in the past few weeks is me getting an Xbox 360 and even that I need to fork out the money myself. So it's not like something that 'happened' per se, more like my own way of rewarding myself for hanging on for as long as I have to a place that was beginning to make me feel unwanted and superiors who gradually become more strict and annoying.

January came, February breezed by and though March felt like it crawled by all too slowly, I find myself now in the middle of April. Things happened, I got rejected with perhaps the most stupid excuse ever, got screwed for things that weren't my fault, and discovered again that I take too long to open up and get friendly with people as well as being as socially adept as a stone; I'm sure you know how it feels to be the odd one out.

We all gradually grow up and find out new things about ourselves, and things like ambitions and real interest are not discovered by many till they go through a certain phase in life. Frankly, with some of the work trouble and office politics I've seen, I even contemplated going full time freelance some day when I got enough contacts; of course, I realize working full time freelance can be a bitch, especially when money is a big issue. Recently however, my mum made a suggestion that I never thought of before and is probably one of the few suggestions she's given me that made me go "hey that's a good idea!"

Becoming my own boss some day and opening a shop similar to Gamer's Hideout? Why not? That's an idea I can stew over and consider. After all, I don't intend to write for tech mags forever when originally what I wanted to was to write for a gaming mag. Unfortunately, Murphy's Law is always at work and Deus Ex Machina (to save your ass from all the shitty things that happens) happens as often as the corrupted ruling party here get's overthrown by a party that actually deserves to be in power. In case you are wondering, the answer is "no political party in this country deserves to be in power".

Anyway life still sucks in many ways. I'm still single, not very sociable (probably the cause of the first point), and frankly very poor. With the added bills I have to start paying, I find myself not being able to save any money nowadays. And oh joy, I HAS NO INCREMENT! >_> Figures. My only joy nowadays really is watching anime and gaming. None of my friends take me seriously enough or would think about looking me up for a drink and chat. Yadda yadda yadda and my rant will probably grow longer than I intended it to be. Well I revived my blog, though probably it should have remain buried.