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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Too much potato is a bad idea

The author currently has what he calls too-much-cheesy-wedges syndrome. "Note to self: never eat too many cheesy wedges at one go or a single day for that matter." he mumbled to himself. He had been feeling particularly poor as of late, especially after loaning his dad 2000 bucks. He wanted a new audio headphone, but he probably has to hold it off for awhile now.

Maybe there are generous people out there who will donate him their used AKG K 514, he thinks. Highly unlikely, but it's never wrong to have dreams, even ones as trivial as this. A used audiophile headphone is likely to be better than a brand new one as well, as he wouldn't need to wait for its sound quality to 'mature'. Maybe someone will donate their used bass guitars and amps to him as well! Now that's a bigger dream and even less possible. "Dream on." says a friend, cruelly pouring ice water over the authors enthusiasm.

He sighs, there are so many things that he wants yet can't afford; that has been the story of his life. He has a younger brother who is rebellious instead of a younger sister he can dote on. Nor did he grow up with a dojikko meido serving his every (with exception) needs or a silver spoon in his mouth. "C'est la vie!" say the French. The author will just go with, "life sucks that way."

Monday, May 11, 2009

Updated my anime list on MyAnimeList

Yes stop laughing at the title you numbskulls! I've decided for certain posts and announcements I'll revert to writing in first person; it's easier that way. Anyway for shinigami knows how long, I've finally decided to update my list on yes: MyAnimeList. It comes to a staggering 90+ series (including normal series, OVAs, movies) watched and I'm very sure I missed quite a few.

Well it's easier to see for yourself. I've included the link in my side bar since way back but in case you are retarded or something (I'm sure I dunno any retarded friends so....unless you aren't my friend) I'll make it even easier for you. Click >>>>>>>>>> HERE.

P.S: If you still can't see the link, come and find me. I'll be sure to greet you with a shotgun to put you out of your pitiful existence.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The author was perplexed. He was perplexed at how people can slave away for years, doing low paying jobs that they couldn't stand or bosses that they hated with their guts. He can't do it. Calling him an unmotivated individual when it comes to many things was a gross understatement, one of those things being jobs. To be specific, jobs he didn't like.

The author realizes that he is naive and childish to hope that everything will always go his way. That he can find a job he'll be happy with in every sense of the word, but for satisfaction of the job fulfilled as well as the pay. Of course, things don't work that way; they never do and he realizes that. Often in the country he lives in, one would work for a lousy boss who pays dirt even when one works till they drop. They also find that they don't enjoy their job or do not agree with parts of it. But as the saying goes "those who don't work, don't eat." and that is unfortunately very true.

The author only wanted to do things for himself. There is nobody else in his life that matters unfortunately. He'll gladly assist his friends if they ask for help but he hasn't known anyone who he'll go out of his way to help even if they don't ask for it. Maybe there are, but he isn't so sure. A sad and lonely existence is it not? Some just find him gloomy. Some just can't understand him. The author may not be an extremely self-centered person, but it would be a lie to admit he is not.

He wanted to open his own shop some day, maybe one that deals with anime merchandise, maybe a game shop; he hasn't really put much thought into it. Whatever the reason, he wanted to work for himself and do something he enjoy. He wanted the job to pay well and be enjoyable at the same time. When he thinks about it, mere dreams are what they seem. However, dreams he has and those are what we wants to see fulfilled. Tall order? Maybe. Impossible? Definitely not. Everything else really depends on a myriad of factors. One day, it just might work out.

What's he really thinking about? He's not so sure himself sometimes. Oh well, it'll all work out somehow.