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Sunday, October 29, 2006


Starry wanted to see mine heh... so I downloaded objectdock, cleared it up a bit. Have a look, nothing fancy though.

Nagato Yuki from The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. Now if you know the character you'll find this desktop weird. You'll know more if you read the 4th volume of the novel. I guess my objectdock is a bit too long too but meh, I need those shortcuts handy.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Birthday wish list

The days fly by, the months roll past, and the year comes full circle. So much has happened and so much has changed, and yet at the same time some things never change. Its only natural I suppose. Anyway as the years roll by it truly shows you how things never get easier but in fact all the more harder. Every year its not just the same challenges all over but new hurdles to overcome which is also, as I've come to learn, very normal. So what’s not normal? Well so far, nothing.

Its a bit too early to do the I'm-1-year-older-so-its-time-to-reflect-on-the-year thingy. So as the title says, I'm going to post my wish list! Bear in mind its a wish list so naturally it might be a bit unreasonable and pricey (aren't they always?). So with that aside let’s move on.

  1. Money!! Cash!! Moolah!! This has to be the number one wish for every one because having money rather than an actual gift offers so much more flexibility. (think upgrading computer)
  2. A clone computer with my designated specs! Mine doesn't look too shabby but its time to ditch the MOBO of the past and move on to a PCI Conroe supporting motherboard! Along with a top notch PCI card and an 17"/19" LCD screen.
  3. MP3 player! Gosh this has been something I wanted for years but as you know I'm damn poor. Never could afford all these gadgets. 1-2 GB MP3 player will do.
  4. Hmm...thinking hard now. Moving on to something cheaper. Anime! Whatever anime I don't have and you do, burn for me for free! Oh and please burn it on DVDs. I want Shaman King, Mai HiMe/Otome, Tsubasa Chronicles, and many more (ask me faster now I lazy to think *look at the time! @@ yawn*)
  5. Really thinking hard now...something that people can actually afford for me. Oh yes! Manga! I want the full Bleach manga. If you are rich and generous buy the coloured ones with English translations. Other titles I like are like Rurouni Kenshin, Full Metal Panic, Full Metal Alchemist, and many more! (Hint: I don't mind if you spoil the surprise, if you don't know what to buy, just drag me to a manga store like the 1 in MidValley :P
  6. Since I ran out of ideas (truly I don't ask for much, but what I ask for are really pricey hehe) a surprise! Erm...be it a simple dinner with friends, a gathering to watch a movie, a little get together to yak like nobody's business like how we used to...*sigh* don't you just miss those days?
  7. Successful completion of my degree 2nd year with no failures and at least maintain GPA of 2.5 to 3. I know I've done quite bad in certain subjects, but I did do reasonably well in some others. Fingers crossed I'll pass every subject; this is truly 1 of my greatest wishes.
  8. Hmm...get a part time job related to my field during the 2 months holiday? Maybe I should apply for an internship. I wonder if there are 2 month internships... I'll be away from my computer for very long and I think I'll miss everything. Just realized I've never been away for long on my own.
  9. Find that 1 elusive person that has been missing all these years of my life! Call me despo, call me odd, but even my parents are starting to worry why I've don't have a special someone right now. You know they actually think I've had girl friends. (used to talk a lot on the phone with Siew Chin and Yen Yee last time) Funny thing is, I've been single all my life. Okay maybe its not funny, its sad actually but meh I got used to it. Not exactly a birthday wish though but more like its someone I hope I can meet in the coming year. (I can already hear the yells and jeers calling me despo)
  10. Well it wasn't mean to be "my 10 greatest birthday wish list" but last but not least I wish I can find my true calling in life. Its been bugging me for years and every now and then the doubts about what I've been doing or if the path I have chose is the right one and I truly wish I can find that one thing that can motivate me and drive me to strive to work towards it. A goal that is ever elusive, ever out of reach. Will it come anytime soon? I really don't think I can wait any longer...

Well there you have it, that’s all for today. It’s been a tiring day so I'll just go browse some forums and then get some sleep.

P.S. I'm not exactly telling people who read this to comply with the wish list, as I've said its rather unreasonable. But if you are generous, I will be eternally grateful. :D
P.P.S The wish list is not in order of preference. I post my blog entries on the spot, so its something I gradually thought of.

Signing out, oyasumi.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Matta haze, ‘daisuki des’, not!

Translation of title, “haze again, ‘love it’, not!” Ahhh Malaysians are ‘blessed’ with haze every once in awhile every year. It’s when people have to wear masks to walk around outside without breathing the white particles. It’s when people who have respiratory problems are forced to stay in doors for fear of choking for that wonderful floating smoke.

Yesh indeed…. What is haze you ask? Ahhh…it is the lovely phenomenon that Malaysians get to ‘enjoy’ every once in awhile every year as I’ve said! It’s that lovely phenomenon that occurs when our clever neighbors Indonesia, with their clever citizens, decide that “Now why the heck should I spend crap loads of cash to cultivate a farming area? I’ll just set fire to this part of the forest, wait for the local authorities to put it out a few days later! My, I’m so clever even Einstein will salute me and hand me his noble prize!”

Ahhh… as the headlines in the newspaper readsIndonesia burns, Malaysia chokes” and all too true. Playing sports outdoors is difficult because you breath in more white stuff rather than oxygen, its no surprise people who have breathing problems are having well, problems. The average room temperature is a living nightmare, that is, it’s a nightmare and we are living with it. Ahh...the joys of haze. Please do thank our Indonesian neighbors profusely, without them all this wouldn’t come to pass.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

This season's to watch anime list: (subjected to having fansubber groups picking up the project)

  1. D.Gray Man(currently watching)
  2. Death Note (seems a bit too 'dark' for my taste though)
  3. Lovedol ~Lovely Idol~
  4. Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na Crescent Love
  5. Galaxy Ange-Rune(?, maybe, looks overboard with ecchi-ness though)
  6. Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~
  7. Negima?
Yet to watch anime list from previous seasons:
  1. Nana
  2. School Rumble season one & season two
  3. Strawberry Panic
  4. Ouran High School Host Club
    (currently watching)
  5. Utawarerumono
  6. Tsubasa Chronicles
Edited: Can't find the descriptions for some of the newer anime this season. Note that Galaxy Ange and Negima are remakes of the same anime with previously different names.

P.S: Some of them have rather *ahem* story concepts that some more closed minded people will not be able to accept. So in anycase keep your prejudices to yourselves.

  1. The remake of Negima has less (none?) fan service :(
  2. Added more links
  3. D.Gray Man is cool
  4. Ouran High School Host Club is incredibly hilarious :D
  5. Found out some of the anime are adapted from dating simulation games so famous in Japan. *imagines the yells of otaku directed at director (pun intended)*
  6. Still haven't watch alot :(
  7. I wanna bump this post -.-' but don't think its possible in a blog. Maybe I'll delete this and repost it a month or so later, when I've done watching some of the older series.

Monday, October 02, 2006

New semester

Well the holidays have ended and the new term has begun. I must admit I wasn't in the mood to go back to college and my studies, so much so I couldn't be bothered to sleep early. Thus I was pretty tired in class today, good thing they're just introductory talks about the 2 subjects.

So anyways, I was in class moaning about the lecturers we got (did I ever mentioned APIIT is overloaded with indians?) and of course the sucky timetable. This term is going to be a short 1 with only 7 weeks to complete 2 subjects, but which are database related.

Its a good thing that only 1 will require us to submit a group assignment and take the final exam and the other subject is based on test and the final exam for the assessment, pretty good I think. Guess I could hope for a less stressful semester, but I can only hope I guess.

Here's to hoping for a relaxing and enjoyable semester (wishful thinking really, be realistic!). *raises imaginary goblet filled with champaigne*