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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rant on Shounen Manga

You know how typical shounen manga's are most of the time? They're probably action/fighting stories where the main heroes/villains have super natural powers.

Now I'm sure many people would know of the manga Bleach, no? The mangaka for Bleach, is a huge fan of Dragonball. So its not weird to see his manga heavily influenced by it. For example, ridiculously dragged out fights!!!!

Let me give you the latest scenario, which I shall perform in noobish leet speak to let you know how stupid I think it is.
Kenpachi faces Nnoitra. (We'll call them K and N respectively for convenience sake)
K: comes j00 ugly piece of dung!
N: zomg j00 call me ugly mesa rip u a new one (don't look at me like that -.-')
K: comes me likes to fight! lololol

K and N bang their weapons against each other for who knows how many times.

N: zomg you freaking weakling me shall now try to rip ur head off but instead graze ur noobish looking eyepatch! *cuts K's eyepatch off*
K: lololol omfg j00 stupid n00b that be me power limiter! POWAHHHH UPPPPPPPP!!! *eyes gleam*
N: OMFG ITS OVER 9000!!!

K pwnzors N's head for 100 gold.

K: lololol stupid n00b u so weak u make rhasta fighting a fully equipped faceless void look like god.

N revives and yells.

N: nuuuu wtf u looking down on me!? zomg mesa release my zanpakutou and shows u my true form!!! *random explosion of smoke and sand comes out of nowhere*

N emerges from the smoke with.....extra hands, looking very much like...I dunno what it is, and pwnzors K's head for 200 gold.

K: zomg! kokuri~~~ *lies down flat*

Y (Yachiru, who had been quiet all along): zomg u pwnzors my playmate nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!
N: muahahaha now i shall pwn u too u little midget.
Y: nuuuuuuuu u noob my playmate wants ta say hi again
K: *gets up again* (how the heck do they keep doing it is beyond medical explanation) zomg u no touch my loli! u touch my loli i powah ups again! POWAHHHH UPPPPP *pwns 1 of N's arms*
N: zomg how the f*** did you do that?
K: seeings me loli in danger gives me zeh powah up!
N: omfg haxxor!! but no use mesa arm grow back like lizard's tail! *grows back arm*
K: zomg pots calling zeh kettle black, u freaking haxxor! RAWRRR!!

K and N bang their weapons mindlessly against each other for another while, and after a brief weapon lock.

N: zomg me needs more haxx! comes out!!! *sprout 2 more arms from only he knows where (and how for that matter zzz)*

A new arm punctures K's chest, pwning him, making the score 2:2

When will the bullshit end? Ask the idiot mangaka. I think probably around when the score is 20:20, which will make it like 40+ chapters later?

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


For the past week, I've been feeling more and more disillusioned about the job. I don't think I'm really doing a good job on it. There's the motivation and interest factor again at play here again. Suffice to say, more than 1 month into the job I don't find myself interested nor motivated. I've also made a couple of rather careless mistakes, which might have minus some points with my employers.

Another issue is that, I've minus quite some points of for this company itself, not only because of the above factors on interest and motivation. But I feel that I'm not really treated right here. I was told my December slip (though I only worked 1 week in December 2007) would be included in the January slip, it wasn't. In fact, I haven't been paid for my work in December. Granted I didn't actually "work" per say cuz I was still under training, but heck you employ me and I expect to be paid. Also, I can't seem to get used to the people here. Sure we get along, but that's about it. I dunno, it just doesn't feel right here.

I've said I would do my best to fight out a year. But its looking increasingly unlikely. I've learned my lesson once and that is, if things don't work out, don't force it. I'm looking for a new job now. And I pray that I will find one where I can really settle into.

I know its really soon, but lets not drag things out and make myself look bad here. It won't work for everyone. I don't want to continue making careless mistakes, nor do I want to work in an environment that doesn't work for me. I also don't want to stay and leave a bad impression for the people in this company.

For once I dare say I'm not choosing the easy way out. I believe my reasons are very valid. It might affect this company's business if I make mistakes like that. So rather than cause trouble for people, I should stop. Fact is, dealing with people isn't my strong suite. Never has, never will be.

What do you guys think?

Monday, February 04, 2008


Humans are curious creatures, that's what I've always believe. And I myself am very much so. What is there to be curious you may ask? Well lots of things. They say people who don't think, don't know. Its always good to know more. Sure there's also the saying "curiosity killed the cat", but I don't think any danger would come to one's self, unless you actually go butt your nose into dangerous issues.

Never mind all that, it isn't the purpose of this post today. The thing is, people ask questions all the time. And often, we all get this sudden urge to discuss philosophy and ask questions like "what is love?" or "what is beauty?". Cliche though it may be, this is what people do.

So every now and then, you hear people say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Now honestly this may very well be true, but IMO only to a certain extend. Your eyes are definitely having some problems if you can think that say...erm...someone majority will see and puke. If you say "beautiful", in your eyes yeah that person is so. But it doesn't change the fact that people are gonna look at you funny and start staying away from you. Its your fault for being weird. -.-'

Sure beauty is really subjective, and each individual views it differently. But I'd like to believe there's a set standard for majority of people, regarding what is beautiful and what is not. I, for one, will not consider say...Victoria Beckham, as hot, or beautiful. She practically looks like a walking skeleton. What was that word now? Ah yes, cadaverous. Mind you my English really isn't all that good, though people think it so. They should see the real experts.

Anyway I suppose this post is mostly spurred by my need to sound incredible intellectually, when all I'm really doing is floundering around the age old questions of opinion versus opinion. Its probably really as futile as trying to stop a tsunami with flat board of lumber. No harm trying you say, wait till you get crushed under uncountable tonnes of water.

So that leads me to my real point of this post. Opinions. I've been around a lot of forums lately, and the first thing I note is that arguments tend to surface due to differing opinions. This is to be expected, as not everyone can see things the same way. The thing then, is to be able to go into a discussion/debate/argument without being blinded by your personal opinion, not being able to accept the validity of other people's argument, and just being plain bias.

Check the Code Geass sub forums on Animesuki forums. Its great how most people play nice. Sure, we have the pro-Suzaku faction and the pro-Lelouch faction. Being an anime threading on very grey moral grounds, one tends to ask, "who is right and who is wrong?" and even after pulling every single strand out of your hair you can't decide which. That is, if you are neutral. Those that take sides are often stubborn to a fault, not willing to see the other side of the coin.

Some people call for objectivity, and to some extend do manage to see put things into neutral perspective, analyzing the whole story from both sides. But seriously, there are some things that just can't be taken from an objective point of view. People are bound to take sides, and insist that they are right. Often times, this is because of factors like how they were brought up, what they believe in. Sympathies are bound to happen, and one will almost always choose to empathize with one side or the other.

Now this is probably where wannabe lawyers will start coming for my head. Dunno why, I just get that feeling. In any case, does the ends justify the means? Most believe not, and are idealistic to the point of idiocy. But when you think about it, everyone has their own ideals. Whether that ideal is realistic at the same time or not, is what takes the cake of the argument IMO. If an idealistic person has the ability to turn his ideals to reality, is he been idealistic or realistic? Confusing huh? Maybe its not that complicated, but I somehow see it that way. Yeah trust me to complicate things. *rolls eyes*

Lets bring in examples, since in reality this train of thought was born of the debates I've been seeing in the Code Geass forums; during the scene where Lelouch used the so-called "poisonous gas" capsule, which in reality had nothing in side but smoke, to threaten Orange-kun (couldn't resist the jab ^o^) for the release of Suza-noob (sorry I'm kinda bias myself lol), he practically took hundreds of innocent bystanders as "hostages" (though it was basically a farce).

Now the question is, was the method of that big farce justified? Nobody was hurt, so personally I wouldn't bother making a fuss about it. Yes, it were not a farce then we would be screaming murder. As viewers, we take a third person perspective and view the story from a lot of other angles other than from the POV of a single person. Is it wrong to condemn that action if it were for some kind of greater good? Despite the methods used? Here's where the argument starts.

Personally its not fun that not many people I know watch Code Geass. I'd personally rank it the number one anime of the year 2007. Sure other people may rank others higher, like Gurren Lagann. But seriously, Gurren Lagann is nice and I might even rank it among the top 5 of last year, but I think its a little overrated. People should stop gunning for all the action/shounen anime and watch something that can actually stimulate your mind. Whatever, not like everyone is going to agree with me anyway.

After all, that's what makes us humans. Life wouldn't be very fun if everyone agrees with each other, no? Peace is nice but, lack of competition causes stagnation. As seen with TMnut's Crapmyx. *screams bloody murder*

P.S If none of the above made any sense, its alright. It tends to happen whenever I just type whatever that comes to mind. In other words, my posts are all spontaneous. There's no particular structure or flow to it. Other than the flow of my thoughts at the moment of the posting.