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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Life so far, more adapting to do

A few months ago I started working at a web hosting company and naively believed that I could last at least one year; getting experience and the bonus for next year before running off. Life however, is never that kind. And I was once more taught the harsh truth of painful reality.

Long ago, I've learn that what you can imagine can never beat experiencing something first hand. Especially when it comes to moving on to a new stage of life and a different environment. The prime example being graduating from college to go into the work force. After the bad experience of working on rotating shifts and as a customer service officer, I can safely tell you that dealing with people is definitely not my thing, especially if I have to deal with all the false accusations and stupidity that abounds.

Still it doesn't mean that I didn't appreciate what I've learned there, one must be grateful after all. It was a rough ride as far as I can tell you and every day I felt like going home before half the day has passed. It was a lesson learned, that some things just don't work; especially if it doesn't fit your interest.

In any case, I'm now in a company that publishes IT magazines. So now I can tell people, "I'm from the media!" Really, just over a year ago if you tell me I'd have my face in a magazine, I'd laugh at you. But now, I'm not so sure (argh! how can I show my ugly face in a magazine!?) Now when you consider that I'm really a bum that dislikes labor, you'll wonder how I can work in such a high pressure environment, the media and publishing industry, with it's deadlines. Seriously, I dunno. I now still wonder how long I'll last.

Now that my writing will finally gain exposure, I can't help but feel worried. As some of you should know, I have an issue with confidence. That is to say I have really low confidence. So just like usual, I finish my draft then I have a dilemma. "Any problems with it? Spelling mistakes? Sentence structuring problems?" Since I don't get to use MS office here (one of the few MS software that I'd actually prefer over the other free source ones), and I don't have it at home either after my systems partition got wiped (story for another day).

Oh well...running out of things to talk about. Somehow my brain just doesn't function well when I have a headache. Ciao...

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Moving on already?

As things would have it, I actually managed to land the job of a writer that I had been pursuing for quite some time. Everything is settled now, and all of a sudden I feel that I have to set some ground rules for myself so that I can improve my writing.

#1 Start working more on my fanfics

#2 Start blogging more

#3 Do some research into computer hardware whenever possible; its terminologies, benchmarks, general user opinion on brands, etc

Where does that leave me? No more free than I will be now. In fact, this may sound weird for a lazy bum like me. But it's probably time to make a timetable, and lord knows I've not followed any sort of timetable since college. Then again in college there's breaks here and there, so you don't feel it. I'm talking about school timetables, where every period for 5 hours straight (except for recess) you'll have classes. Oh well, minus PE. Regardless, I'll need a timetable.

Something along the lines of.

xx:xx Wake up
xx:xx Wash up
xx:xx Breakfast ( ??? I tend to have a habit of skipping breakfast. Yeah unhealthy. But no one cares anyway.)
xx:xx Go to work
xx:xx Back from work
xx:xx Anime (may set based on day of week instead of daily)
xx:xx Manga (same as above)
xx:xx Games (you know the drill)
xx:xx Work on my fanfics, original characters (probably plan to make this a daily thing)
xx:xx Dinner (I suppose)
xx:xx More of A, M, or G (omg now it sounds like "Ah! My Goddess!" LOL)
xx:xx Go play chess with Zhou Gong

Rinse and repeat. Life is all about routines after all, no matter how you may hate the daily repetitiveness. Humans just can't live without a sense of familiarity. Once you realize that, you tend to settle down. Funny thing is, I'm still a jumpy teenager at heart. Just can't sit still you know?

Heh...any ideas how to make the timetable better?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


to this!


Can't help it. Hehe...

Sunday, March 02, 2008


Not much has happened lately, strange as it may be. Life has been pretty routine, and I think that's what having a job entails. I'm glad though that I'll be able to stop working in my current company soon and move on to a challenging job that has been my interest for years; writing.

I know people are telling me not to count my chickens yet, and I know better than to do that. Unexpected things may happen and you'll never know if you end up frustrated or whatever in the end. But suffice to say, all things considered, I should be starting my job as a writer for a publishing company come week of 17th March. (note, the week not the exact day).

Other things of note, I've joined Denny and his project team of building a web portal and forum for Malaysians. More specifically, our target age group will be 15-25, which means young teens to young working adults (or if you're a hikikomori, that's ok too I suppose).

The other things is today, I spend about RM300+ on my travel expenses, books, and a new wallet. Liking my new wallet so far, beige one from Body Glove. The design is simple, slick, and clean.

Bought 3 books, mostly to improve my vocab and one of them is on Malaysian English's (or popularly known as Manglish) various quirks and idiosyncrasies. Its quite an interesting read really. I forgot the title cause the funny thing is, I tend not to worry about or remember book titles. But what I can tell you is that the author is a experience University level English teacher who teaches in UKM (University Kebangsaan Melayu/Malaysia, can't remember exactly).

The 2nd book introduces interesting ways to learn words, or rather how to remember them and use them properly. Just so you know, the way I used to learn vocab is pretty funny IMO. I started reading fantasy novels like the Riftwar saga, one of my all time favourites. Raymond E. Feist is my favourite author, but unfortunately I read those that my dad bought and never really had the kind of buying power to buy new books all the time. So I guess I missed quite a few of his books. Anyway, I'm digressing. The point is, I used to read books like that and back then my vocab is pretty limited to what they teach in schools. Needless to say I got a bit proud in learning new words, and as novels write them in certain contexts, you tend to think you understand the meaning. (or maybe it's just me)

So I try to use them whenever said context appears in real life. Long story short, my parents will always correct me on usages, and made sure I learn how and where to use what words. Suffice to say, my first real English teachers have always been my parents. In any case, the 2nd book will probably be interesting, though I haven't gone through it yet.

Third book is on basics of Japanese. Not as comprehensive as some of those really good beginner's guide, but at least it isn't that expensive as well. I'm sure many know I've been interested in learning the language for years. Buying a reference book is something I've always wanted to do. Next will be taking actual lessons, but that can wait till I can actually afford to.

Alright then, not much to add. Well there's the fact that I've had some minor sickness lately. A cough that just won't go away, headaches now and then (the usual fare really), and sore throat sometimes (probably due to the blasted lousy air-con in my current company).

Other than that, life is just...well normal?