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Friday, August 31, 2007

A day to play

Today our country celebrated its 50th year of independence, with me at home stoning and playing Valkyrie Profile 2. Did I ever say how glad I am that I bought that PS2 console? Life as a gamer would be all dark and gloom for me without it.

Look at how it is nowadays, they just don't make my favourite type of RPG for PCs anymore. Look at Square Enix, they practically release all their games only for the Playstation 2 or Playstation 3 platforms. PC gamers are mostly glued to their monitors playing RTS or FPS games. I'll die from boredom if I had to play those for the rest of my life.

If you have a PS2 console, one game I would really recommend is Odin Sphere. The game is gorgeous visually, the characters and backgrounds are hand drawn! I just happened to buy the game one day when I looked at the back cover of the game. I thought why not looks good, and it turned out to be one of the best games I bought. Mind you I buy a lot of RPGs and TRPGs (tactical role playing games), some of them just aren't really good (Final Fantasy 12 comes to mind), though I must say that I find most TRPGs I buy quite fun.

Although I have to warn you that some parts of Odin Sphere can lag considerably, the frame rate will start crawling when there are lots of enemies on certain stages. If you ask me why I guess its because the PS2 still isn't capable of rendering such graphics at high speeds yet? Makes you wonder why didn't they ported it to the PS3.

If you like tactical role playing games you could try Disgaea 1 and Disgaea 2. To attest to its popularity, Disgaea even spawned its own manga and anime series, cool huh? I have the manga if you are interested. The anime you could probably buy from AnimeTech either in Midvalley or Sunway Pyramid. But on a side note, if there's anything I know about Malaysian license titles, the video quality is gonna suck big time. It'll be pretty tedious to talk about the whole story here so just go look around places like gamespot for screenshots and trailers.

If you have played this 2 games and liked it very much, Disgaea 3 is slated for release this year for the PS3 console. Of course, it'll be in Japanese for awhile before some North American company licenses it. I just hope the voice acting doesn't suck.

Speaking of voice acting, I'll advice you to change the voice for Odin Sphere to Japanese if you do get to play it. Why? Because the English voice acting ranges from the terrible to the average, really uninspiring stuff. The Japanese seiyuu for one of the playable characters in Odin Sphere is none other than Kawasumi Ayako (Saber in Fate/Stay Night <3<3<3)! Another is Noto Mamiko, who voiced Tsukamoto Yakumo in School Rumble. <3<3<3

So in all honesty, if you are a RPG fan, get a PS2 or PS3 (for future games). If you are sick of having nothing else to play on the PC except for FPS that all feels more or less the same or RTS that have little or minimal storyline , get a PS2, it will be a decision you'll learn to be happy with. Of course there are exceptions such as Warcraft and Starcraft, but lets be honest how many RTS have you seen with decent storyline?

Being independence day, you'd think I would celebrate right? But I'm probably one of those that really can't be bothered with the stupid activities they have for days like these. Fireworks in the city center or in Putrajaya for example. Pure folly I say! Go ahead and get stuck in a 1-3 hours traffic jam if you want, I'll stay home where its cozy.

That being said I really didn't care, so much so that I didn't even realize it was past midnight early today. I was browsing through the forums and...

Me: Eh wonder whats the time...zomg its 1am! Where were the purported fireworks....meh I don't really care *continues browsing through animesuki forums*

No fireworks can be seen or heard near my area! Thats why. Oh well, not that I cared for fireworks anyway. The only indepedence I'll ever celebrate is one that hasn't happened for me yet. When it comes, I'll celebrate all right.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


I'm back sooner than I thought I would. Maybe the key to keeping this blog "alive" is to blog about whatever random thing that comes to mind.

In any case, I found out today I could get home from Sunway in less than 15 minutes! Yes! From Yuen's Steambot near the area opposite of Sunway Pyramid and close to LDP back to Taman Desa, out of the car and into the house officially, in less than 15 minutes.

The answer is.......*drum rolls* go 140KM/H for the whole stretch of Federal Highway! Banzai なの! Disclaimer: This blogger is not responsible for you being caught by teh "ma dou". In any case just offer the "ma dou" a cup of coffee and he'll be happy for the rest of the night. (Simple minded creatures aren't they?) This blogger is also not responsible for any lost of lives or injuries! *runs away*

Random quote of the day:
真紅(Shinku) says: おいし作戦だわ (It's a delicious tactic) ^o^
Lobby a.k.a Gambit a.k.a Bitbit says: (To Mao) Today your birthday I give face, the other 364 days of the year I will continue to pwn you 9 9! ^o^
Nonnie: This coconut flesh very keras la!! *lol*

Monday, August 27, 2007


My anime list shows that I've watched an insane grand total of over 70 anime titles! Plus minus OVAs la (hence "anime titles" not "series").

To be precise, I've watched a total of 70 series, 8 OVAs, and 2 anime movies. I might have missed some titles but I'll update if I remember missing out any. Moving along, I've watched an awesome amount of 2400 episodes and more than half of them are downloaded into my hard disk drive. (others either burned into DVDs myself or from my friends)That being said, around 170GB of my HDD is filled with anime, with the rest occupied by manga, games, software, etc.

Update: I missed out Rozen Maiden lol. Updated series and OVA total.

Which reminds me, I seriously need a new HDD. Gonna get a 320GB or 400GB one, depending on the market price. Currently its really not that worth it to buy a 400GB drive but then again I don't really have cash now so when I do and the price is right, I'll just get the 400GB ones instead of 320GB ones.

Anyway back to the question in my title. Conclusion? Chant with me... Matthew is an otaku~~Matthew is an otaku~~~~Am I? Don't really know, personally I think an otaku is a lot more insane than me. Think Sanzenin Nagi ^o^

Sunday, August 26, 2007

A little update

Hey I'm back! I feel terrible for neglecting my blog, but then again I really don't know what to do with it sometimes. I keep thinking that one day I'll have a consistent topic to talk about that doesn't involve rants and complains but to be honest I haven't been able to find anything like that to talk about.

That being said, this is really just another rant from me. So to begin, here's a question, have you ever been compared to someone before? No, its not a trick question, in fact its pretty redundant to ask that question but gotta start somewhere you know?

Anyway, one thing I find I hate very much is to have myself compared to other people. Oh and might I add complained about, in front of other people, within your presence, annoyingly, just out of range. >_>

Now and then you go to some place and either both or one of your parents go "haih... my son ahhh... don't know what to do with him la" bla bla bla, and "if only he is like so and so" bla bla bla, the list isn't really that long and to be honest rather predictable. The annoying thing is that sometimes this kind of conversations happen in gatherings where your parents are off somewhere and you are bored out of your mind in some obscure corner, or if you're lucky it would be a family gathering and you are off chatting with your cousins. Then you somehow overhear your name mentioned by none other than one of your parents and you get this sinking feeling that its not something good.

Now what pisses me off is that you catch your name mentioned and know they are somehow talking bad about you, but you just can't pick out exactly what they are saying.

Its times like this that I go "ARGHHHH WTF! What now? I have my parents kind of like talking behind my back! Can't really know what they are saying but I somehow know its about me!" and the sad thing is you don't dare to go ask the people they were talking to about what your parents told them because they are basically strangers. ~>_<~

Am I paranoid? I sure am not! Let me tell you one thing, I actually pride myself on my hearing. I can pick out random conversations in a noisy background if conditions allowed, but it just wasn't the case today. I was in a conversation with my cousin, stupid brats screaming in the background, and finally the conversation was a good 10 feet away from me, behind the screen of annoying bratty frequencies, in rather normal conversational tones.

In other words, I wasn't meant to hear it! But somehow I just managed to pick out this particular sentence, "if only my son is like..." and I went "wtf talking behind my back again???" GAHHH WHY ME!!?? Sure I'm not smart, I'm not handsome, I'm not good at what I'm studying, but ITS YOUR GENES! DON'T BLAME ME FOR WHAT I'M BORN WITH! You got something to say, say it to my face!

Why does everyone I know talk behind my back? Sure I have a bad temper, sure I might blow up in your face if you say it in front of me, but its gonna be worse if you use whispered tones to tell other people of what you are not happy about me! Its me you are talking about! Not happy tell me! Whats this going around trying to tell people your son is not as smart as so and so? Betting on my hearing and hoping I'll take a hint? Hoping my intellect and IQ level will miraculously shoot through the ceiling? How presumptuous! Such hypocrisy!

Hey tell you something funny, let me show you how irony and hypocrisy surrounds us. There happily a parent talks to others telling them to understand their kids and be good parents, and failed to do so themselves. Hypocrisy + irony = double whammy+ ggnormk

Don't talk to other people about trying to understand their kids and about parenthood when you fail to be a good parent yourself. Only one word describes such bullshit; hypocrisy, and I'm sick of it.