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Friday, October 31, 2008

Do I yearn for independance?

What happens when you come to a point where you think "I don't want to go home"? What happens when you find that you don't experience the warmth of family and a home when you finally get out of your car and reach the doorsteps of your house? What if one day you start thinking "I should just stay longer and play Fallout 3 in the office cuz there's nothing to do at home and I just don't feel like I belong anymore"?

What happens when you fall for someone, for real, for the first time in your life; not some confused crushed, or mere infatuation; and wish to spend more time with her in the office than go home where food, family, comfort, and your beloved computer is.

This heavy feeling on my chest tells me that I need to find the answers quickly. But really, if I could answer all these questions, I would not be as lost and confused as I am right now...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Animetech sucks!

Seriously, I've been very tolerant for the few times that I do email them asking for merchandise and stuff. Granted I don't do it very often, but whenever I do they NEVER REPLY ME! Do you have any idea how f**king annoying that is!? I used to work in tech support and if you even reply a few hours late you'll have the customers breathing down your neck and your boss screaming for your head when he find out you just lost them a customer due to your tardiness.

Guess what, in Malaysia, Animetech is just about the most prominent Anime merchandise store around but even what they have pales in comparison with what our Singapore counterparts have. What the hell!? Browse through their site or go to their outlets (which are all freakishly small) and you'll see the same old things over and over again. Come on! This is Malaysia! Nobody is interested in buying DVDs or CDs! What are you retarded!? It should be blindingly obvious to even the most retarded person in the country! But as it would seem they have the most retarded sense of marketing and business around, so much so that a non-business student like me can tell you how phail they are.

Today, almost 5 days after I sent them an email requesting them to source a merchandise for me (because their own f**king website says I can ask them), and I have not got a SINGLE REPLY from them. NONE AT ALL! I HATE BEING IGNORED!! ESPECIALLY WHEN I'M A POTENTIAL CUSTOMER! Sick and tired of it (this isn't the first time like I mentioned), so I decided to use the feedback form on their website to shoot them, because it seems like that has more chances of being read and replied. Below are the contents:

I find your services really lousy. In business, it is always important to reply to customers' email ASAP, and make sure your email filter does not filter out anything relevant. Even if they do, someone should go through the spam box to check for relevant email.

Here I have an email sent to you Monday this week on the 20th of October and till today I have not gotten a single reply from you. What the hell are you people doing? Sitting around shaking your legs and drinking coffee!?

I can see now why your business is so bad, when compared to other countries in our region. Don't even bullshit and say that the market here is too unique a niche and that there is no demand, because there is an increase of demand in various merchandise that your shabby little company DOES NOT PROVIDE!

I'm sick and tired of browsing through your site and visiting your outlets seeing the same thing over and over gain. I'll be telling everyone I know not to buy from you people anymore, it's just not worth the time and effort.
And there you have it. Malaysian friends and anime fans out there, DO NOT BUY from Animetech anymore. It'll just be a waste of your time and money. And since time equals to money, you'll be losing a whole lot of money.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fall 2008 その一

A new anime season has come! And I will once again share my list of to watch anime, which would probably increase or decrease with time. I'm about to sleep now so I'll just make a short list here. First impressions will come whenever I find time to post.

List of Fall 2008 anime I'm watching (in no particular order):
  • Gundam 00 season 2 (best Gundam series I've watched, great animation, awesome stuff. nuff said)
  • Kannagi (watched the first episode. nothing to shout about, but good enough to keep my attention)
  • Tales of the Abyss (apparently the storyboarders are gay or something, since they made Luke somewhat "gay". might drop this if it sucks even though the game was awesome)
  • Toradora! (tsundere loli voiced by Kugimiya Rie? I'm sold!)
  • To aru Majutsu no Index (what can I say? I'm a sucker for certain genres, fantasy and magic are among them)
  • ef ~ a tale of melodies (loved the animation and art for the first season. gonna watch this)
  • Kemeko Deluxe (looks pretty whacky, but I'm not so sure about this one =/)
  • Yozakura Quartet (apparently a Rental Magica clone. likely gonna watch this)
This is just the start, as some of the series are OVAs and such so their timeslots will eventually be replaced with other anime. Anyway, updates and more later.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Who needs a title? -_-'

"Growing up is a pain!" is probably something you've heard many people exclaim before, one time too many. Admittedly I've gradually grown up these past few years exclaiming that line quite a few times myself. Heck, I still do sometimes, am still whiny about how tough life can be, and overall grew up to be...rather cynical at times.

People seem to take things at face value, something I've used to my advantage these few years. Put on a mask and a persona to fool the world, and they might just glance right over you; makes things easier. That is not to say that other people are not the same, in fact I'm more inclined to believe that almost everyone puts on a mask of their own. Some friends who are closer to me in recent years (my school friends haven't really mix with me much since..graduation from school) would call me two-faced; of course, they are refering to my behaviour. Makes me feel like Kallen from Code Geass season 1 though, I think I picked a persona that is too weak so much so that people get the impression that I'm easy to bully. However, that's definitely not the case and it's more like I don't want to retaliate. Some of my long time friends probably know of my explosive temper when I was younger. I haven't really had anything trigger any explosions lately, something I'd like to attribute to my growing control over my emotions. I'd like to think so really, but maybe it's not really that. I dunno.

What's the point of this post you ask? If you've been reading my posts, you should know by now that more than half the time... I never make any sense. Anyway, growing up is still a pain. I find so many defects with myself physically and mentally (shit I'm gaining weight where I don't want them to...), makes me wonder if I'll ever snag myself a girlfriend; probably not. "Time flies!" eventually becomes so cliche you don't even bother spouting that line anymore, and you get to tell younger people that you "ate more salt than you ever did rice!" Neglecting the fact that salt is pretty widely used in a number of dishes. "Come back again after you have eaten more celery than rice" is what I'll tell you if you say that line to my face.

Go into the office early in the month and you find your boss already chasing you for articles and stuff certainly makes if quite certain that it's going to be a tough and shitty month. Nevermind that we're suppose to have a company trip soon.... >_> Speaking of company trip, I kept telling my friend that I'll make my move during the company trip. What move? You don't need to know. Anyway I'm still not quite sure if it's safe to make a move yet. Too hasty and I might just mess things up.

I think I'm thinking too much. Wait scratch that...I KNOW I think too much and it's actually very much in my nature to think too much, but still not be able to predict and figure out everything. Wish I was born a genius or something, would have made life hella easier. Tough month+uncertainties+growing pains=definitely very melancholic day for me.